First Look

This is a developing tradition here in the UK for the romantic and modern couple-to-be! It takes place before the ceremony with just the two of them and their photographer, ready to capture those precious moments when they first lay eyes on each other.

Why do couples choose this different approach to their day?

There are lots of reasons – some choose to do this to ease their nerves before the ceremony. While others want to keep that moment for themselves without interruptions, such as over enthusiastic relatives or busy phones and iPads.

Others want to develop the First Look approach to their photo shoot such as the First Look of father at daughter or child with mummy. These photos convey the wonder and love of family members and make the wedding  day shoot extra special.

What do you think? Is it something you would do?


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Photographic Acknowledgement – Thank you to all the Pinterest members and photographers included in this Blog.

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