Words, Music and Love – The Wedding Ceremony!

As a celebrant I see the wedding ceremony as all about you! The sky’s the limit! Tell me about your dream ceremony and let’s get started!

So, when you get in touch with me, my first thought is am I the best person for the job? Initially, we always meet-up, face-to-face: in a pub, at the venue or via Skype. In this way we can all be sure that we get along and we have enough interests and ideas in common to make the relationship work.

So far, it’s been a 100% track record!

It is at this first and subsequent meetings or communications that I really get to know you both! Watching you interact together and listening to you talking about your hopes and dreams for the ceremony and how you fit together as a couple.

I can learn about your feelings for each other, what you love about each other, what you have in common such as a love of travel, hobbies or a TV programme. You will have the same values and will share dreams and aspirations for your future together. It is this information that helps me create your personal and unique ceremony.

My focus for writing the script will be this meeting and the details in the questionnaire I will send to you to complete. Here you will give me your vision of what the ceremony will be like. Maybe you will talk about a ceremony you have attended as a guest in which there was a Handfasting or you want to include members of your family in the ceremony, maybe your brother to sing a favourite song or a close friend to read a poem. These ideas help me to start to create the sort of ceremony that reflects your personalities and ideas.

Sometimes, you may not be sure about whether you want a symbolic element to the ceremony such as a unity candle, a loving cup or Jumping the Broom, the list of choices goes on and on… Maybe you want to have vows and ring promises but are not sure whether you want to write them yourself or even say them on your own. I can help! We can discuss these fundamentals over time and I can share my resources with you and then focus on what you are keen on and what you feel comfortable with.

As your celebrant, I can ensure that you remember the ceremony for all the right reasons with the people, animals! elements and emotions you want to share with your chosen friends and family.

I am passionate about making the ceremony totally yours!