Romance and Paris

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World-wide Paris is known as the city of love.It is one of the most popular holiday destinations for couples. It is often the place where a proposal of marriage takes place and these days you can even elope there and have a Celebrant-led ceremony next to the Eiffel Tower!

Of course, Paris is full of tourists , especially in June, however, we took advantage of this and enjoyed sitting at cafes, people watching and enjoying the local food and drinks. At other times, we sauntered in the quieter streets of the city and at Versailles walked to the Petit Trianon and visited the beautifully restored country retreat of Marie Antionette.

Even, just in Montmartre there were so many places to visit , such as Sacre Coeur and Le Moulin Rouge and so many restaurants from which to choose.

Romance is something to cherish: first as a young couple in the first flush of love or as a married couple relishing all that such a city can offer!

It’s a place that we plan on returning to soon.

As Audrey Hepburn said in the film Sabrina: Paris is always a good idea!

Photo acknowledgement: A Emmerson