Naming or Blessing Ceremony

This is a meaningful and wonderful ceremonial experience for all concerned. There may be a new baby’s birth to celebrate or a child being welcomed into a family. This is a responsible time for parents and other members of the family such as the grandparents, guardians/guideparents and sisters and brothers.

The Naming Ceremony gives everyone the opportunity to welcome the new baby or older child into their lives.

The ceremony will be joyful and sincere. You may choose sing children’s songs and have poetry readings by grandparents or it may be more spiritual with candles or maybe a Sand ceremony. You may choose a ritual such as preparing a Time Capsule for the baby’s 18th Birthday.

The ceremonies can be performed in a venue or at home as an expression of love and togetherness. They can be at the weekend or during the week to suit the family’s needs, followed by refreshments or by a party!

The ceremony is a reflection of the family’s wishes and personal situation. it will reflect you as a parent/parents; your lifestyle, dreams and wishes for your child. I will be there to support you in creating your own unique ceremony that truly welcomes your child into your family!

Cost of Package: From £200.00