Sarah and Ryan

We didn’t want a church wedding and felt that a registrar was a little too rigid for our taste. We found out that a humanist could conduct the type of ceremony we wanted so we set upon finding a suitable candidate. We stumbled across Susan’s website and decided to meet up and chat. We found her warm and friendly and had some great ideas for our ceremony. We decided to look no further, Susan was our choice. She spent a little time with us to get to know us and asked all the questions she needed in order to compile our testimony. We had a lot of input on what type of vows we wanted and basically between us we compiled a ceremony that was tailor made to us as a couple. We chose to do a sand ceremony as well (Susan’s suggestion) which gave us the best keepsake we could ask for. All in all I would highly recommend Susan as she really did us proud. The feedback we got from our guests was nothing short of wonderful, I heard “the most genuine wedding i’ve ever been to” on multiple occasions.

Sarah and Ryan May 2019


A truly insiprational couple!
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