Wedding Ceremony

We did it! Let’s get the Party Started! – Sarah Salotti Photography

I look forward to co-creating, choreographing and performing your wedding ceremony!

  • The ceremony will be wonderful!
  • It will be unique to you both!
  • Based on your personalities and your wishes!
  • It can include your family, your friends, your pets: even your hobbies!
  • Whether it’s a traditional white wedding, a short modern ceremony , a themed one such as ‘ Game of Thrones’ or Steam Punk or a full Handfasting – it’s your choice!
  • You may want to add elements of symbolism or ritual, for example:  ‘Jumping the Broom’ , having a Drinks Ceremony, or having a Sand ceremony.
Photo by family friend of a gorgeous ceremony in a Chapel.
  • Maybe you want your children and/or other members of your family to participate in the ceremony – they could be involved in elements, such as those above or give a reading or a musical performance
  • I will work alongside you as we create the ceremony together; you can choose to write your own vows and ring promises or I can help you to find the perfect words to suit you both.
  • I will work alongside you from the day you choose me as your celebrant to the day of ceremony – a totally personalised package for you both .
  • I will liaise with the other professionals such as a Wedding Planner , musicians and the photographer prior to the ceremony to ensure we are all aware of the different aspects of the ceremony – to make it perfect for you!
Ceremony at The Honey Bee Barn – an Absolutely Awesome Couple! – Matt Glover Photography

Ceremonies can be conducted at any venue or location whether it has a licence or not. You can choose the content of your ceremony, whether you want some religious content or none. Maybe you may want to have a blend of your two different cultures. I am ready to support you with creating such unique and wonderful ceremonies.

You will need the Landowner’s permission if it is farmland or woodland etc. and if necessary, safe access to the location. Most people choose a venue which is licensed or unlicensed which means that the venue owner will take care of all health and safety issues and you can focus on the good bits!

A Country House Wedding Ceremony! Emily Moya Photography

The Legal Formalities –
You both need to make an initial appointment to  give your notice of intention to marry or become civil partners. Then make the main appointment with the Registrar which only need be a short ten minute session with yourselves and two Witnesses. You will complete the legal registration which will include signing the legal paperwork and repeating the words as required by the Registrar. This is done at the local Registry Office and he/she will then issue the wedding or civil partnership schedule. This can be done at any time, although I would recommend doing it before the celebrant-led ceremony.

A Confetti Run at the Handfasting in Sherwood Forest – Hubert Wojcicki Photography

 Cost of the Package: 2022: £525 Leicester and Leicestershire, £550 The rest of the Midlands and further afield on request. 2023: £550 Leicester and Leicestershire, £575 for the rest of the Midlands and further afield on request.

Such love ! Such happiness – A truly great day for this super couple! – Veronika J Photography